Eco-sustainable hotel

Hotel Tritone Rimini:
sustainable holidays by the sea

We are an eco-sustainable hotel located in Viserba di Rimini, 
a few steps from the beach we are committed to zero waste tourism

Eco-sustainable hotel, zero waste sustainable holiday

In a world increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, the Hotel Tritone Rimini is committed to sustainable tourism, zero waste.

Located in Viserba, a few steps from the beach, the hotel offers comfortable accommodation and high quality services, respecting our sea and beyond…

To reduce its environmental impact, Hotel Tritone adopts a series of concrete measures:

  • Use only recycled paper
  • It has separate collection points
  • Use non-polluting detergents
  • It offers local products
  • Reduced consumption of single-use plastic products by approximately 90%
  • Home automation that manages the cooling of the rooms
  • Our facility is equipped with energy systems to save water
  • Low consumption LED lighting
  • We participate in European projects for training and education regarding respect for the environment and our sea

The hotel also promotes conscious consumption practices by guests, raising their awareness of the recycling chain and a non-waste philosophy.

We are committed to supporting environmental protection activities and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

The Hotel Tritone is the ideal choice for those who want to spend a sustainable holiday in an informal and comfortable structure, respecting the environment

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